Hi, I am Joppe de Ree. I am from The Netherlands, but I live in Indonesia, where I work as a consultant for The World Bank and (more recently also) for the The Asian Development Bank. I am  involved in various policy research projects in the education sector. My main focus today is on measuring the effectiveness of Indonesia's teachers and schools, with the intention to inform policymaking about "how to make things better". As a part of this (and in partnership with the Government of Indonesia) I have been in charge of collecting a large matched student to teacher data base, pretty much representative for Indonesia's public primary and junior secondary schools in Indonesia. The data tracks the academic achievement of Indonesian children as they progress through school. Using this data we are trying to measure the effects of Indonesia's teacher certification program (which includes a doubling of teacher pay!) on student learning outcomes. Another important project that I help implementing is OECD's PIAAC project in the province of DKI Jakarta.  

(selected) Published academic research:

Ethnicity and the spread of civil war. Journal of Development Economics (2014). (with Maarten Bosker).

The price and utility dependence of equivalence scales: evidence from Indonesia. Journal of Public Economics (2013),

Life satisfaction and age: dealing with underidentification in age - period - cohort modelsSocial Science & Medicine (2012) (with Rob Alessie). 

Explaining the hump in life cycle consumption profiles. De Economist (2009). (with Rob Alessie)

Aiding violence or peace? The impact of foreign aid on the risk of civil conflict in sub-Saharan Africa. Journal of Development Economics (2009). (with Eleonora Nillesen)

(selected) Published policy research:

Teacher certification in Indonesia : a doubling of pay, or a way to improve learning? (2012)

Teacher Reform in Indonesia: The Role of Politics and Evidence in Policy Making. (2013)

(selected) Work in process:

Double for nothing? The effect of unconditional teachers' salary increases on performance. (with Karthik Muralidharan, Menno Pradhan and Halsey Rogers.) Working paper expected early 2015.